Product Summary

Input Made Easy for TV.

Kannuu completely solves the usability problems of text entry for TV while still using a standard remote or games controller. Kannuu offers a portfolio of unique and innovative user interfaces based on patented IP that render the horrors of the virtual keyboard, letter grid or SMS-style number pad text entry completely obsolete.

Introducing: Compass

Our latest innovation is our Compass system, a creative twist on a familiar on-screen keyboard interface that solves this usability pain-point (see opposite).

Compass can be implemented in any existing UI that features an on-screen keyboard, including a letter grid, QWERTY or letter line. This delivers a step-change improvement for text entry using a remote control or other Up Down Left Right input device, such as a games controller.

Compass takes advantage of Kannuu’s Lookup API to provide the most relevant predictive letter options mapped to the directional buttons on the remote control. Implementation is straightforward and fast and the results are transformational for user interactivity on a connected TV device.

You can review the Kannuu offering by running the live demonstration located at:  USE YOUR KEYBOARD ONLY [arrow keys, A, B, C and backspace/escape keys only].

Register for your API_KEY here and get started right now!!

Additional User Interfaces

Kannuu also boasts a number of innovative interfaces which have been deployed world wide for consumer use. This is made possible through a revolutionary re-think of how text entry can be made to a TV set. The results are fast and intuitive ‘Head Up’ experiences where the user never takes their eyes off the screen. Compatible with all commercially available standard TV remotes or hand-held wand systems they can be implemented quickly and simply, with a flexible and configurable design layer, on top of an existing search system or in combination with Kannuu Search and Recommendation products.


72% of consumers found Kannuu’s user interface to be faster than major TV manufacturer on-screen keyboards

Complementary Products

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