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No more time-consuming virtual keyboards. No more searching siloed services. No more frustration.  Find the content you’re looking for, NOW! Across multiple  services and on any device – Smart TVs, tablets or smartphones.


Kannuu is the quickest, most efficient, intuitive and engaging search and discovery solution for finding video content. Period. Built for today’s world of exploding video content, multiple screens and demanding consumers, Kannuu keeps consumers coming back and providers in the black.


From information architecture and Cloud delivery to search algorithms, recommendation and relevancy techniques and a superior user interface - the Kannuu platform is a complete solution. Flexible. Scalable. Rapidly deployed. Easily managed. Profitability proven.


Kannuu is the gold standard for video findability, providing the superior experience  consumers demand while enabling providers to differentiate their service offerings, attract and retain customers, drive ad revenue and fully monetize their video assets.

Stop Searching. Start Finding.

Increase consumer engagement and profitability with Kannuu search and discovery for video content.


A superior consumer experience powered by cutting edge back-end technology sets Kannuu apart.  Our proprietary search and discovery technology and IP for finding video content across multiple services and devices drives business-meaningful results for satisfied customers throughout the US, UK and Asia Pacific.



Kannuu’s unified search and discovery solution delivers millions of monthly views for the Telstra Bigpond Movie video on demand service.

Western Digital

Kannuu search and discovery is featured on one million plus WD TV Live and WD TV Live Hub media players from Western Digital.


Reelz Channel

Kannuu lets consumers easily search and discover thousands of full-length movie trailers on the REELZ Naked Trailers app.



    Understanding the data, creating extensive associations and optimizations


    Train of thought presentation.  Self guided and automated relevancy


    Consumers want an engaging, quality experience


    WAN optimization and next generation delivery platform

‘Findability’ is Key for Consumer Satisfaction – and Service Provider Success

Content may be king in today’s world of exploding video content, but it serves at the pleasure of consumers — a truism all service providers must take to heart if they want to remain relevant.

Given the multitude of diverse back-end systems and technologies, the enormous metadata associated with digital video content — dynamic, persistent, unstructured (social) — and the convergence of traditional broadcast, VOD and IPTV, it’s no wonder service providers (new and old) are struggling mightily to provide consumers with an interface that, simply put, makes finding exactly what they want to watch fast, easy and fun.

Complexity should never spill over into the user experience — which is exactly where search and discovery of video content stands today as providers wrestle to retrofit aged systems, mitigate the challenge of big data, apply business rules and search and recommendation algorithms, and hide all of this technological wizardry behind — dare we say  — an eloquent user interface that works seamlessly and consistently across all screens. Yeah, we know…

Enter Kannuu. Guided by the inviolable rule that with video content growing exponentially, Smart TVs nearing ubiquity, and video viewing on mobile devices an inalienable right, ‘Findability’ is key to consumer satisfaction and service provider success.

Kannuu’s  findability engine intuits in real time what a consumer is searching for, presents ‘aha’ prompts and most importantly, dramatically reduces frustration and time traditionally associated with finding that perfect movie.

Consumers crave instant ‘Findability’, and Kannuu thrills consumers with an experience second to none and affords service providers boundless opportunity to differentiate their offering, attract and retain consumers, drive extra spend and ad revenue, and fully monetize their video assets.


Kannuu provides cutting-edge search, discovery and findability solutions for quickly finding relevant content in today’s content-rich, multi-screen environment. Combining sophisticated information architecture, advanced search algorithms, proprietary relevancy techniques, flexible business rules, unique and intuitive user interfaces all residing in a unparalleled cloud delivery infrastructure, Kannuu provides an end-to-end findability solution that enables device manufacturers, service providers, software companies and application developers to maximize the full value of video content.

Led by a world class team of information architects, user experience experts, network optimization specialists and seasoned management, Kannuu sets the gold standard for video findability.  Kannuu’s patented IP spans information architecture to delivery methodologies to unique user interface elements including directional pad (joystick) navigation, among other vital aspects of video search and discovery.

Looking for a quality partner with the industry know-how, business savvy and technology chops to take your video search and discovery service to new heights now and in the future?

You’ve found one in Kannuu!

Did You Know ?

More than 95% of smart TV owners cite “the ability to find what they want to watch when they want to watch it” as the most important feature of a smart TV! (Wired Statgeist Chart)

Did You Know ?

Continued adoption of smart TVs, smartphones, tablets and other connected devices has attracted more than 66 million subscribers to streaming video on demand services, pushing the SVOD market valuation to a whopping $4.7 billion! (MRG)

Did You Know ?

Online video views grew from 14.8 billion in January 2009 to 46 billion in September 2013. That is a 210% growth! (ComScore)


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