Product Summary

All aspects of service delivery, the business rules, weighting, configuration and content sources for Search, Recommendations and Personalisation, can be managed by us or by you directly using our straightforward but powerful Management Console.

The influencing and rules engines allow for the instant alteration, delivery and ordering of specific content. Institute dynamic updates and prioritization of special content, whether it be high margin content mixing with recent releases or news worthy notations of actors,.  Take control and drive increased ARPU at any time.

Our Management Console provides operators the ability to tailor a number of facets of the discovery experience specifically for their demographics and for the particular objectives of their business. Every customer is different and so is every business. The Kannuu Management Console provides the specific abilities to the service provider to maximize revenue and minimize churn.

The tools to optimise and tailor all aspects of the discovery experience at any time specifically for your content, your demographics and for the particular objectives of your business.

Complementary Products

  • Text Entry Interfaces

    The problem of text entry to a TV is solved. We have completely reimagined what a standard remote control can do. The result is a fast, intuitive ‘Head Up’ experience where the user never takes their eyes off the screen.

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  • Personalization

    We are leading TV into a new era of consumer control and service flexibility. Personalization is the foundation of our technology and services, powering the discovery experience and transforming engagement.

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  • Search

    Our proprietary search engine is built from the ground up for ultra-high performance from large data sets with patented predictive auto-complete input and auto-suggest results.

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  • Recommendation

    We find the right content for the right person by blending proprietary content analysis with personal and social data to provide a ‘curated’ and fresh experience that draws the viewer deeper.

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  • Pair & Share

    We deliver our powerful discovery experience to any device as easily as any other. Send content from mobile to TV, get personalisation across all platforms. The 2nd screen as it was meant to be.

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  • Meta Data

    We offer a comprehensive Metadata consolidation service, identifying and fixing duplications, holes and inconsistencies across multiple metadata sources and virtually any format.

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  • Cloud Services

    Take advantage of our leading discovery technology with almost instant integration. Ultimate speed, infinite scalability. The cost-effective and flexible convenience of Kannuu Cloud Services.

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