The Wright family want it all. So, how does this work?

The Wright family love TV. Sport, dramas… super hero movies, but how can they fit it all in? We not only help their operator meet their demands but drive increased purchasing of channels and content with our Personalization platform, Recommendations and 2nd screen Pair & Share.

  • 1. Creating & solving ‘the good problems’

    The kids are watching cartoons. But Kannuu Personalization has triggered a CRM notification text to Dad because his team are about to play. Good problem to have, but no problem with Kannuu. Through Pair & Share the kids continue to watch what they want on the family tablet and Dad sits down to enjoy the game on the big screen.

  • 2. Evening planning for Mum

    Wanting to put her feet up, Mum catches up with her latest series addiction in the bath on her phone. Downstairs, as Dad finishes watching the football the kids browse their film catalog for recommended content using the kid-safe family profile. It’s family film night. Perhaps mum has forgotten.

  • 3. Family film night... made easy for all

    Game’s over, Kannuu’s Recommendation technologies have sidestepped the old kids’ arguments and they’ve picked one to watch. Family viewing begins… OK, mum’s still watching another episode with headphones, but when the kids have gone up, she and Dad swap to their profile with two taps and push a romantic comedy she’d bookmarked to the big screen for some time to themselves.

  • Personalization

    We are leading TV into a new era of consumer control and service flexibility. Personalisation is the heart of the Product Suite, powering the discovery experience and transforming engagement.

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  • Recommendation

    We find the right content for the right person by blending proprietary content analysis with personal and social data to provide a ‘curated’ and fresh experience that draws the viewer deeper.

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  • Pair & Share

    Multiplatform. No problem. Your customers have a TV. And they will have a smartphone, possibly a tablet, a laptop too no doubt.  Maybe all three, maybe more than one of each.  And they …

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