Kannuu Announces Partnership with Wyplay


Kannuu today announced a partnership with the French company Wyplay, creator of software solutions for leading Pay TV operators – and joined the Frog by Wyplay initiative. The announcement comes during TV Connect, the World’s key event for the connected TV industry, which is currently taking place in London.

Frog by Wyplay is the first independent open source software solution for pay-TV operators. The initiative brings together a growing ecosystem of more than 85 companies across the entire digital TV technology value chain including chipset vendors, device manufacturers, independent software vendors, software development and integration services providers and operators. This comprehensive solution includes access to the complete source code and all the components to build TV operator’s products.

This partnership will see the integration of Kannuu system into the Frog by Wyplay platform, which will allow its members and customers to easily and quickly pick and choose which services and capabilities they want from Wyplay for their set-top-boxes, deploy and deliver personalized TV and video services to consumers. The Kannuu system will be offered alongside other services. However it has already proved its value with leading providers.

Eric Kearley, Director of IPTV and pay-TV at Telstra recently commented; “We’ve experienced a noticeable improvement in customer interaction and satisfaction with the Kannuu technology on our OTT platform. Prior to the Kannuu discovery experience launch, an average of 10 percent of consumers used the search function. After incorporating Kannuu’s technology, over 30 percent of consumers began using the search function, with peak times seeing over 70 percent usage.”

Further analysis shows that nearly 20 percent of those engaged customers purchased media content and 17 percent of all title purchases overall resulted from Kannuu’s discovery platform. The data also showed that for some of the “top 30” movies, over 25 percent of the purchases resulted from discoveries on the Kannuu platform.

In the US, Kannuu has been recognised as an emerging significant player. They recently set up an office in London from which they will partner with UK and European multiple system operators (MSO) and OTT service providers to drive the implementation of next-generation, personalised content discovery experiences.

Dominique Féral, Wyplay’s CMO and Co-Founder commented on the announcement; “The Kannuu system, deployed with our Frog By Wyplay open source middleware, offers a truly next-generation discovery experience. It connects consumers to find the content they want and that delivers financial value to TV operators, which is why we’re so excited to offer this technology on our platform.”

Kannuu VP for UK & Europe, Tom Laidlaw, said; “We’re delighted to be working with Wyplay and we look forward to working with their customers.”