Long Live the TV Remote Control!


Netflix CEO Reed Hastings recently updated the Netflix “long-term view,” apparently changing the company’s position on the TV remote control.

At the beginning of this seminal document, where once there was four inviolable ‘truths’ by which the company steers by, there now is only three.

NetFlix Long View

It seems that Netflix has given the TV remote a reprieve!

Mr. Hastings cut “remote controls are disappearing” from the list of Netflix truths.

Kannuu has long believed that the TV remote has accrued valuable behavioral equity — particularly the directional pad that is the centerpiece of all modern TV remote controls.

Kannuu is committed to ensuring that TV viewers have the best possible entertainment experience – which begins with finding the content they want quickly and easily.

To this end, we’ve killed off the traditional virtual keyboard by which consumers must ‘hunt and peck’ their way to a movie selection.

Using just a thumb on the remote control’s directional pad, and looking only at the directional arrows and movie suggestions displayed on the TV screen,  consumers find the video content they’re after quickly and easily with Kannuu!

We are thrilled that Netflix has seen the error of their ways and saved the remote!

Give Kannuu a shout, Mr. Hastings, and we’ll show you exactly why the remote is worth saving.

Check out this short video demonstration of the Kannuu findability platform.

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