FYI Television + SiliconDust USA = Huge Win for Consumers


If the endgame of the ever-evolving, video-viewing landscape is to create innovative, meaningful technologies that have an immediate and positive impact on the consumers’ ability to enjoy quality video content — including live TV programming and premium cable channels — anytime, anywhere, on any device, then heads’ up.

A  recently announced partnership between FYI Television and SiliconDust has significantly moved the needle on this score.

FYI Television metadata and entertainment image content expert, accumulates and distributes TV entertainment content and linear scheduling data from over 12,000+ TV networks daily, aggregating the information into customized formats for various television, mobile, internet and print clients. Through the vast array of applications our entertainment data is filtered into, hundreds of millions of consumers engage with FYI’s content daily.

The epitome of sustained innovation, SiliconDust first brought us HDHomeRun, the first network-attached digital TV tuner, allowing customers in the US and Canada to receive over the air broadcast and unencrypted digital cable TV on their PCs. Subsequent products released at a blistering pace include HDHomeRun Plus, HDHomeRun Dual and HDHomeRun Prime, among many others, set the bar for enabling consumers to watch live TV all across their home network, from PCs, to tablets, to game consoles, smartphones and smart TVs.

As is the case with all meaningful partnerships (Read: those that transcend self-serving back-slapping and hollow marketing hype.) the FYI TV / SiliconDust duo brings value to the consumer that is greater than that (though significant) delivered via the individual players.

In this case, consumers can now make faster, more informed viewing decisions across devices connected by SiliconDust’s many industry-leading applications and products.

Ours is a fragmented industry. Kannuu applauds FYI Television and SiliconDust for their mutual focus on customer satisfaction, and for setting an example of the sort of collaboration vital to moving the connected-TV world forward.