Kudos to Rovi, Now Step Up Search & Discovery Game with Kannuu


Kudos to Rovi for its understanding of the importance of search & discovery in the red-hot smart TV space.

But truth be told, voice recognition a la Veveo will only get Rovi so far.

To truly dominate, a more ecumenical approach to input is required, and a keener understanding of consumer behavior is paramount.

Rovi should make more of consumer affinity acquired from decades of conditioning for a streamlined remote control .

All that needs to go is the tortuous onscreen keyboard, and siloed searching across multiple channels.

“Over the next nine to 10 months, we expect to have a completely unified experience.” John Moakley,  Rovi  EVP

You are close, Rovi. Now step up your search & discovery game with Kannuu:

Kannuu Demo Video