Kannuu Search and Discovery Now Available in the LG Smart World TV App Store


Kannuu Satisfies Consumers’ Craving for Fast and Easy Search and Discovery Across Netflix, Hulu, and Vudu on LG Smart TVs

The Kannuu search and discovery service application is now available in the LG Smart World TV app store. The Kannuu app provides consumers fast and easy search and discovery across Netflix, Hulu, and Vudu on all LG Smart TVs available in the United States.

Unlike traditional search and discovery solutions for smart TVs that force consumers to ‘hunt and peck’ their way to a selection using the onscreen keyboard grid, Kannuu search features an intuitive display of a remote control’s directional arrows — along with video cover artwork, viewing options and program rankings — directly on the smart TV screen. Searching by title, actor or director, consumers are guided by Kannuu’s intuitive interface, proprietary “train-of-thought” algorithms and comprehensive recommendation engine to find the content of their choice across Netflix, Hulu, and Vudu with only a few button presses and typically within just a few seconds.

Kannuu CEO Todd Viegut said, “We’ve all experienced the frustration of navigating an on-screen keyboard to find a movie or show to watch on TV. The onscreen keyboard grid is cumbersome and aggravating and completely unacceptable for searching across a single service, never mind searching across today’s growing number of popular video services such as Netflix, Hulu, and Vudu. We’re proud to deliver to consumers a search experience on par with the stunning displays, great content and many advanced features of today’s smart TVs, and we are thrilled Kannuu search is now available to LG Smart TV customers throughout the United States.”

“Complexity is the bane of TV interfaces,” said nScreenMedia Founder and Chief Analyst Colin Dixon. “One of the biggest problems for smart TV users is searching across multiple video services. Solutions like Kannuu that remove much of the complexity from cross-service search are vital in growing the usage of smart TV portals.”

The Kannuu app can be downloaded for free from the LG Smart WorldTM TV app store.

About Kannuu
Leveraging existing TV remote control technology, Kannuu provides cutting-edge search and discovery solutions for quickly finding content in a Smart TV environment. Combining sophisticated delivery infrastructure, advanced search algorithms, proprietary recommendation techniques and an intuitive on-screen visual display, Kannuu enables device manufacturers, service providers, software companies and application developers to unlock the full value of video content on Smart TVs. By providing a fast, easy and vastly superior user experience, Kannuu satisfies consumers and drives revenue for service suppliers. For more information visit Kannuu.
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