Samsung 2013 Smart TV Lineup, So Close to Perfection



Last week at the Sydney Star casino event centre in Australia, Samsung unveiled its 2013 lineup of smart TVs.

Samsung is synonymous with cutting-edge smart TV technology, and Samsung’s 2013 models are among the very best available today. From stunning displays to lightening-fasting refresh rates to The Smart Hub interface to voice and gesture control to the sleek SmartTouch remote, Samsung does smart TV right.

All that’s needed for Samsung to secure top-dog status in the smart TV world is a viable solution for fast and easy search & discovery across multiple services.

Voice & gesture control alone do not ameliorate the search bottleneck. Smart TV will truly take off only when searching across services (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Vudu, iTunes) for the content you want can be done quickly and easily – w/out navigating that omnipresent and tortuous onscreen keyboard, or babbling like a lunatic, or flailing like a madman…

Samsung, you are sooooo close! It’s time for Kannuu!