Cross-Video Service Search, a Must Have


In a recent survey, Rovi discovered that 90% of tablet users and 89% of mobile phone users in the U.S. said being able to search across multiple video services at once was either a must have or nice to have feature. Further, 40% of both groups rated this feature as “must have.” The company found similar results across Europe, particularly in the UK and Germany.

I wonder what this percentage is among smart TV viewers – where search is strangled by onscreen keyboards.

Our guess is that the percentage of smart TV viewers who would rate cross-video service search a “must have” is much higher than 40%.

In fact, according to a recent Wired Statgeist Chart, more than 95% of smart TV owners cite “the ability to find what they want to watch when they want to watch it” as the most important feature of a smart TV.

It’s time for Kannuu.