Smart TVs to Get Even Smarter in 2013


A great article in the Australian gives a rundown of all the technical advancements in the most recent wave of smart TVs hitting the market.

From faster processors to burgeoning app stores to voice & motion control to stunning displays, TV viewing has never been more spectacular.

Add to this enormous quantities of new, quality content from OTT and other non-broadcast/cable/satellite producers, and it becomes clear that home TV viewing has never been richer.

Only hitch is that as smart TV functionality becomes increasingly sophisticated and great video content grows exponentially, finding what you want to watch when you want to watch it has become cumbersome, time consuming and downright aggravating.

What good are all of these technical advancements if a smart TV fails its most basic function – helping find something great to watch?

If consumers can’t quickly and easily access the content they want, they’ll shun technical bells and whistles and switch their TV manufacturer and/or streaming media player and/or OTT service provider and or broadband/cable/satellite company.

It’s simple. Improve search. Please customers. Win market share and cement loyalty.

Regrettably , voice & gesture control alone do not vanquish the search bottleneck, and don’t even get me started on the iRing…

Smart TV will truly take off only when searching across services (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Vudu, iTunes, VOD, etc.) for the content you want can be done quickly and easily – w/out navigating that tortuous onscreen keyboard, or babbling like an idiot, or flailing like a madman, or tearing up the cushions in search of that damn iRing…

It’s time for Kannuu!