Wired Reports Nielsen Family is Dead (hope the onscreen keyboard is next)


Wired reports that “The Nielsen Family is Dead.”

Seems the surge in quality content from OTT providers like Netflix is rapidly driving change in the television industry.

Quality original programs means big money, Wired reports, and because the traditional Nielsen rating method does not count programs watched via streaming media (on TVs, PCs, Game Consoles, Tablets, etc.), the picture Nielsen provides of who’s watching what when is no longer as accurate, or as relevant.

Nielsen is scrambling to make the necessary corrections, adding meters that can monitor viewership of OTT content through broadband in addition to the traditional broadcast or cable hook-up.

Whether or not Nielsen can fix its disconnect remains to be seen.

What what once marked the beginning and and of TV content now signals ground zero of a content revolution, a revolution led by a new breed of creator unencumbered by time or format constraints and under allegiance only to quality.

It cannot be denied that a new age of television is dawning.

And if the Nielsen Family is dead, then what other entrenched, slow-moving player(s) are on the endangered list?

There’s no telling. Let the cards fall where they may.

But, please, someone, kill off that tortuous, search-strangling onscreen keyboard!!!

We simply cannot let the onscreen keyboard continue to bottleneck the discovery of great content.

Wired also reports what smart TV feature matters most to today’s consumers — namely, the ability to quickly and easily find what we want to watch.

Whomever designs the best search & discovery interface for finding something to watch in this exciting new world of exploding, quality content will own the consumers – who will ultimately dictate where advertising dollars are spent, and in the process, determine who lives and who dies in the new age of viewership.

It’s time for Kannuu!!!