Internet-Connected Devices Top 500 Million in US


Content advisory service The NDP Group conducted a survey confirming the ubiquitous nature of Internet-connected devices.

In 2013 alone, the number of online devices in the average U.S. household has increased from 5.3 to 5.7 in only three months, reaching more than 500 million devices, total, according to NDP.

Big numbers indeed. While NDP cites huge surges in smartphones and tablets, connected TVs in the US are also rising sharply – Over 30 percent of consumers in the United States who plan to purchase a TV set in the next 12 months want an Internet-connected TV or Smart TV. (IMS Research).

The quantity and quality of video content (Pay TV and OTT) is also surging & all pundits agree that TV is the preferred way to view video content (movies, shows, etc.).

Biggest challenge for consumers today is finding what they want to watch across the growing array of services – >95% cite this as biggest challenge according to Wired (03.13 issue).

It’s time for Kannuu!!!

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