Case Study: Telstra On-Demand Movies

Content discovery is the key element to consumer satisfaction, which directly drives engagement and monetization. Kannuu’s content discovery technology improves user experience and increases revenue for Telstra.

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  • 1. The Problem

    Today, Video-on-Demand and paid content purchases account for a significant share of profit for video and cable providers globally. However, users become frustrated or lose interest if it’s too difficult to find what they’re looking for.

    A common problems are the dreaded ‘letter grid’ making searching long-winded and tedious, as well as poor and inaccurate recommendations.

       – Low user engagement

       – Lost PayTV revenue due to findability issues

       – Poor customer satisfaction

    Telstra Corporation Limited is Australia’s largest telecommunications and media company, which builds and operates communications networks and markets voice, mobile, Internet access, PayTV and other entertainment products and services.

    Telstra noticed that customers were becoming frustrated or would lose interest and quit searching when it was too difficult to find what they were looking for. They needed help improving the user experience by making the search function easier to navigate, enhancing content recommendations and improving the user interface (UI).

  • 2. The Kannuu Solution

    Telstra Corporation Limited adopted Kannuu’s content discovery technology in December 2013.

    Kannuu’s technology improves the user search and discovery experience by analyzing viewer behavior data and combining that with knowledge about the content itself.

    Kannuu deployed their patented K-Nav(TM) search technology to transform the user experience of looking for content. Kannuu’s predictive algorithms, paired with the directional input arrow keys found on standard remotes, provide fast content discovery for the user with less key entries.

    Kannuu also deployed a Recommendations feed to provide enhanced, accurate, relevant and contextualized content suggestions to users browsing the Telstra VoD service.

  • 3. The Results

    Telstra experienced a noticeable improvement in customer interaction and satisfaction with the Kannuu technology on their over-the-top (OTT) platform.

    “After incorporating Kannuu’s technology, over 30 percent of consumers began using the search function, with peak times seeing over 70 percent usage. Further analysis of Kannuu’s interactive UI on Telstra’s service showed customers engaging up to eight times more in search and discovery than ever before, resulting in a 3.8 percent increase in video-on-demand revenue.”

    – Eric Kearley, director of IPTV and PayTV, Telstra

    Because consumers have an easier time searching and, ultimately, finding the content they’re looking for, they’re more inclined to purchase video content. Analysis showed that nearly 20 percent of engaged customers purchased media content, and 17 percent of title purchases overall resulted from Kannuu’s discovery platform. The data showed that for some of the “top 30” movies, over 25 percent of the purchases resulted from discoveries on the Kannuu platform.