Frank just wants classic Sci-Fi

Frank’s film tastes are very particular, but aren’t everyones? Finding what he wants shouldn’t be hard. See how we help him find more content worth purchasing.

  • 1. Lightning-quick search

    Frank might like classic movies, but he doesn’t like searching for them. Actually it’s such hard work he usually doesn’t bother. But with K-Nav(TM) search technology he now finds anything quickly and easily, in less than half the time of the old letter grid. In fact it’s so fast and responsive he now surfs around the library just for fun, head up and eyes on the screen.

  • 2. Kannuu powers engagement

    Powering this whole new surfing experience is clean metadata and contextual recommendations, here matching cast from Bladerunner to other films they’ve been in. Cue a welcome surprise from Frank… “Huh, I didn’t know he was in that as well! Wait, they’ve got that too? Cool…”

  • 3. Engagement drives consumption

    This simple, enjoyable content engagement is one of the key benefits of integrating with Kannuu. We’ve made Frank happy browsing content that is tailored to his tastes.  He gets integrated recommendations for VoD & linear channel content, accurately suggesting content he will like. There’s some stuff on TV later, but he settles for Alien… classic Ridley Scott. It’s premium VoD, but it fits the bill perfectly so he’s happy to pay for exactly what he wants.

  • Text Entry Interfaces

    We have completely reimagined what a standard remote control can do. The result is a uniquely intuitive ‘Head Up’ experience where the user never takes their eyes off the screen.

    More about text entry interfaces
  • Better search

    Our proprietary search engine is built from the ground up for ultra-high performance from large data sets with patented predictive auto-complete input and auto-suggest results.

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  • Recommendation

    We find the right content for the right person by blending proprietary content analysis with personal and social data to provide a ‘curated’ and fresh experience that draws the viewer deeper.

    More about recommendation
  • Meta Data

    Make Order from Chaos. Your service is driven by metadata and we know the critical importance of clean metadata in the consumer experience.  That’s why we offer a full metadata consolidation service, identifying …

    More about meta data
  • Management Console

    All aspects of service delivery, the business rules, weighting, configuration and content sources for Search, Recommendations and Personalisation, can be managed by us or by you directly using our straightforward but powerful Management …

    More about management console

“We’ve experienced a noticeable improvement in customer interaction and satisfaction with the Kannuu technology on our OTT platform”

Eric Kearley, Director of IPTV & Pay-TV