Adam and Hannah are addicted to crime drama

Finding content across live TV and on-demand used to be hard. Kannuu Personalized recommendations makes finding and bingeing on big new shows effortless.  So Adam and Hannah can watch happy.

  • 1. Series done, what now?

    The latest Blue Bloods series is over, desperate for more, Adam and Hannah are served up a next stash of series options through Kannuu’s Recommendation technology.

  • 2. Time is of the essence

    1. Adam and Hannah mastermind next week’s viewing schedule. Using Kannuu’s technology they can add recommended catch-up and video on-demand content to their programme guide alongside linear TV on their own EPG . Slick, effortless and clever – it’s the perfect accomplice.
  • 3. Personalisation that works

    Great Personalization and integrated content discovery is key to help Adam and Hannah find more of what they like without the blood-shed. They line up a binge of True Detective scheduled around live TV including 2 new channels they’ve bought into.  Weeknights in are solved.

  • Personalization

    We are leading TV into a new era of consumer control and service flexibility. Personalisation is the heart of the Product Suite, powering the discovery experience and transforming engagement.

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  • Recommendation

    We find the right content for the right person by blending proprietary content analysis with personal and social data to provide a ‘curated’ and fresh experience that draws the viewer deeper.

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  • Better search

    Our proprietary search engine is built from the ground up for ultra-high performance from large data sets with patented predictive auto-complete input and auto-suggest results.

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  • Meta Data

    Make Order from Chaos. Your service is driven by metadata and we know the critical importance of clean metadata in the consumer experience.  That’s why we offer a full metadata consolidation service, identifying …

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