About Kannuu.

Kannuu provides cutting-edge search, discovery and personalized recommendation solutions for quickly connecting consumers with content in television, OTT media and mobile environments. Combining sophisticated delivery infrastructure, advanced search algorithms, proprietary recommendation techniques and an intuitive on-screen user interface, Kannuu enables device manufacturers, service providers, software companies and application developers to unlock the full value of their video content. By providing a fast, easy and vastly superior user experience, Kannuu satisfies consumers and drives revenue for service suppliers.

The Kannuu technical team consists of systems architects, developers and UX experts alongside experienced management. The Kannuu team truly leads innovation in fast, concise & relevant information delivery. Kannuu’s patented IP spans information architecture to delivery methodologies to unique user interface elements including directional pad (joystick) navigation, among other vital aspects of personalised video search and discovery.

Providing power and simplicity for our partners.

Our cloud-based services architecture and flexible APIs make it a cinch for our partners to tap into our advanced search algorithms, recommendations service and multi-platform personalization.  We reduce the time and frustration traditionally associated with integration with fast and effective service provision.

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