View From the Set-Top


Check out this great article by  Gary Arlen featured in CEA’s “IT Is Innovation: View From the Set-Top.

Great examination of the dynamic and clearly viable STB space, and the desperate efforts of established pay-TV providers and CE manufacturers to play catch up and/or achieve sustainable competitive differentiation in the ever-expanding IPTV universe.

Curiously, it is often the small yet vital things that separate market leaders from wannbe laggards, and in today’s dynamic, fast-paced world of connected TVs and exploding content, this truism has never been, well, truer.

The ability to quickly and easily search across an ever-growing number of channels, services, apps (etc.) for something to watch is paramount. Whichever provider does away with the tortuous onscreen keyboard and provides the best solution for consolidated search and discovery across multiple video services and devices — will own the customer, and a healthy cut of all revenue opportunities associated with that privileged relationship. Period.

Our bet is on the player(s) with the smarts to incorporate the Kannuu search & discovery platform!