Roku ‘Streaming Stick’ + Roku Remote + Kannuu = Smart TV Dominance


News of Roku’s streaming stick — and rumors that Roku is eying an IPO — have the connected TV universe buzzing — and rightfully so.

With its slick design and over 1,200 content-streaming apps, Roku’s streaming stick is sure to build on the company’s solid momentum. But Roku’s secret sauce for success just may be its streamlined remote control.

It is often the small things that separate market leaders from wannabe laggards, and in today’s world of connected TVs and exploding content, this truism has never been, well, truer.

Case in point: Roku’s understanding that, imbued with decades of conditioning, consumers will alway reach for the remote — providing that it is eloquent and streamlined — as the preferred device for interfacing with their TV.

As the amount of available streaming content grows, the remote’s significance — given its familiarity, convenience and comfort —  increases exponentially.

All that remains for Roku to secure its rightful place atop the smart TV universe is to get rid of that tortuous onscreen keyboard!!

The ability to search fast and easy across an ever-growing number of services/apps for something to watch is paramount.

Roku + Kannuu is an unbeatable combination.

Check out Kannuu demo video:

Now envision picking up your Roku remote, selecting search (which includes searching across all channels), and navigating the fast and intuitive Kannuu interface.

Presto! The aggravation  of search fail averted!! Instant viewing pleasure assured!!