Kannuu Applauds Actor Kevin Spacey for Spot-on ‘Future of TV’ Speech


Actor, director, screenwriter, and producer Kevin Spacey — of Netflix “House of Cards” fame (most recently) — spoke on the topic of media creation and consumption at the Guardian Edinburgh International Television Festival last month.

Spacey’s words have struck a chord with members of the media community — YouTube views of his speech (posted below) have topped one million.

The audience for Stacey’s speech is movers and shakers in the UK television industry, but his message extends to the vast and growing number of global players — incumbents and challengers — striving to find footing (read: $$) amidst the upheaval, turmoil, potential and promise that is today’s re-forming media industry.

I refer specifically to device manufacturers, OTT content producers/providers, Telcos, Internet providers, Web portals, app developers, and online retailers — all of whom are well advised to take Stacey’s sage message to heart and heed his simple directive for success:

“The audience has spoken […] All we have to do is give them what they want when they want it […] and the prized fruit is right there — shinier and juicer than ever before […]”

“Give people what they want when they want it” has been Kannuu’s mantra from day one, and we applaud Mr. Spacey’s insight, alacrity and eloquence in helping us deliver this message to our current and prospective customers, as well as to Kannuu’s many suitors, grappling with the complexities inherent to an industry undergoing rapid transformation — an industry, Stacey astutely notes, poised “at the nexus of commerce and art.”

Wherever you stand in this new age of content creation and consumption, the ground beneath you is undeniably shifting, and is composed in equal parts of obsolescence, irrelevance, opportunity and revenue.

Inaction equals death, but plotting a strategy for success can seem daunting. Traditional models and measuring sticks no longer apply – take Stacey’s broken pilot model, Netflix’ booming success, and the death of Nielsen ratings as just a few of countless, current examples.

Kannuu’s role in this dynamic environment is to enable the victors.

We’ve done this by applying laser-like focus, advanced technology, plenty of smarts, hard work, and good old fashion common sense to the following truism:

Whomever provides the best search & discovery interface for finding something to watch on TV across multiple services in today’s world of exploding content will own the consumers – who will ultimately dictate where advertising dollars are spent, and in the process, determine who wins and who loses in the new age of viewership.

Combining sophisticated delivery infrastructure, patented technology, advanced search algorithms, proprietary recommendation techniques and an intuitive display that kills off once and for all that tortuous on-screen keyboard, the Kannuu search and discovery solution is by far the fastest, easiest, most intuitive and habit-forming way to find content on TV today.

Want to win? Listen to Kevin. Give consumers what they want. It’s time for Kannuu!

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