Kannuu Brings Cool Search and Discovery App for Video Content Directly to the TV Screen



Matt Elliott (@themattelliott) is a great blogger for CNET. Kannuu follows him regularly and in most cases – agrees with his analysis.



Matt recently wrote a blog post: With which service can you watch that movie? in which he  gives theCan I Stream.it app some well-deserved props.

But truth be told, Can I Stream.it is simply one among many undifferentiated mobile apps in the mix, and none of these ‘me-too’ 2nd-screen search & discovery apps have broken the smart TV barrier — which is where most people prefer to watch all video content in today’s hybrid Pay TV / streaming media world.


REELZ TV - Kannuu copy

The technology is here — as in available today, and presently deployed by Telstra, REELZTV and Western Digital (and many others soon to be announced.)

C’mon, Matt – Throw us a tweet & we’ll show you the future of search & discovery in today’s smart TV world (@KannuuSearch)

It’s high time for Kannuu!!