Why Must Smart TV be an Oxymoron?


Broadband is ubiquitous. The creation of great video content is exploding. The adoption of smart TV is on the rise. Our TV screens are large, gorgeous and affordable. Our couches perfectly suited for an ideal, laid-back viewing experience…

So what’s the problem? Put simply, there’s no way for us to quickly and easily search through the wealth of TV and streaming media content at our disposal to find something worthy of watching now, as in right now.

Technology is a curious thing. On the one hand, daily breakthroughs tease us with a virtual utopia of viewing possibilities, and the quality experience that is today’s home theater is nothing short of incredible.

On the other hand, we’re stuck navigating tortuous menus and pecking away at woefully inadequate onscreen keyboards to find what we want…

Seriously, that stupid keyboard grid pops up everywhere we look — from you-name-it TV provider to Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Ondemand, Vudu… It’s everywhere. And it sucks. It is the single pervasive feature that makes ‘smart TV’ oxymoronic.

Over, over, over, click… Over, over, over, up, up, click… Over, down, down, click…

Really? Is this the best we can do? Why are we stuck with frustrating, fruitless searches when all we want is immediate access to that movie or TV show that should be right at our fingertips?

So close and yet so far… Bull crap, Enter Kannuu!

Using a standard remote control (or a smartphone/tablet connected control) and the remote control directional arrows displayed by the Kannuu system on your beautifully large smart TV screen, you can find the movie or TV show you’re looking for with only a few button presses, literally — no tortuous on-screen keyboard navigation, no switching line of vision back and forth from the remote to the TV.

Using just your thumb and looking only at the directional arrows and movie suggestions displayed on your TV screen, you find the video content you’re after quickly and easily with Kannuu.

For a quick overview on how Kannuu works, check out this video:

And Kannuu is catching on. Here’s where you can find Kannuu today:

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Telstra Taps Kannuu Search for BigPond Movies

Visit the Kannuu blog often. We’ve only just begun, and we’re sounding the death knell for ‘hunt-and-peck’ keyboard-based search on smart TVs.

Stop searching. Start finding. Stay tuned.