Happier viewers, more revenue.

We create intuitive technologies that integrate easily with TV operators, service providers and hardware manufacturers to provide a personalized, multi-platform discovery experience.

We are delivering the future of content discovery. Our technologies are fast and flexible. We provide the killer user-experience for your consumers and we drive revenue for you.

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What drives us?

  • Speed

    Our technologies remove complexity from the user-experience, and are the quickest search and discovery solutions on the market, providing personalised, recommended content to the consumer. Fact.

    72% faster to find content than fastest major TV manufacturer on-screen keyboards tested
  • Intuition

    Making it simple is hard. Our predictive algorithms, recommendation systems, our unique Head Up user interfaces, all of our technology works together to create the intuitive simplicity you don’t even think about.

    89% fewer clicks for consumers to find content vs. major manufacturer on-screen keyboards tested
  • Results

    We’re on a mission to transform the TV content discovery experience for consumers, manufacturers and operators. That’s why our products are proven to boost engagement, drive ARPU and build retention.

    3x increase on content discovery engagement with Kannuu technologies

“We’ve experienced a noticeable improvement in customer interaction and satisfaction with the Kannuu technology on our OTT platform”

Eric Kearley, Director of IPTV & Pay-TV